Shlove is THE long-term dating app for college students looking to find their life-long partner. Shlove works by focusing on a more meaningful and confusion-free dating process and by promoting a hookup-free culture.


Random Swiping

Say goodbye to random swiping and hello to a more meaningful matchmaking process.

See what your potential match likes to do in their free time, what songs they like to listen to, some important questions you may want answers to, and above all, what they want in the future.

All of this—so you can make an informed decision instead of randomly swiping.

Because less

is really more

We've all been here. You match with one person. Then a few months go by and now your messaging screen is filled with hundreds of people, most of whom you're not even interested in.

So yeah... We've gotten rid of this.

With our 7-person limit, you'll experience many benefits:

Better Connections; less likely to have your time wasted; and less likely to get ghosted.

The Hookup-free Culture

Part of the problem that we've noticed and that fellow students all over the nation have told us is the obvious hookup culture that is so prevalent on their campus.

Shlove is the complete opposite and is truly meant to be for those that are serious.

That is why we got rid of the random swiping and implemented a 7-person limit, as well as many other tools features to help Shlove maintain its mission.